Price Quotes & Portfolio Trackers

List of Sites/Apps for Cryptocurrency Price Quotes and Portfolio Tracking

1.  CoinMarketCap – found here.

This website gives different information around a few recorded coins, for example, their price, accessible supply, exchange volume over most recent 24 hours or market capitalization.

The measurements are refreshed at regular intervals. Market capitalization is figured by the product of cost and  supply. Costs are ascertained by averaging the costs at the real trades weighted by volume.

Coins with stale datapoints (over 6 hours old) appear at the base of the rundown with question marks, and are de-recorded following 7 days.

 2.  Blockfolio – found here.

Blockfolio is a Cryptocurrency Portfolio App which tracks over 2000 cryptocurrencies and supports over 50 different exchanges.

This all in one app allows a full portfolio overview, price notification alarms, charts and orderbooks, as well as the most recent cryptocurrency news.  There are over 30 different fiat currencies, with new coins added continuously.

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3.  Delta – found here.

Delta is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with a very sharp design.  Delta allows you to track over 2000 cryptocurrencies and allows for an overview of your total portfolio balance and total profit/loss since you started investing or since the last 24 hours.

A great function of this tracker is that it allows for the addition of “Custom Coins”, which can be used to add an ICO coin that hasn’t been updated or listed yet.

There is an ability to set price alarms and the Delta software is updated continuously.

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4.  TradingView – found here.

TradingView is a web service and social network for traders, with a large section of information coming in the form of technical analysis. The site started in September 2011. TradingView is available with a paid subscription, and with a limited free version.  TradingView has an extensive list, with over 200 cryptocurrency prices.

TradingView also has its own scripting language, Pine Script, and built-in script editor. This scripting allows the user to customize the display of technical indicators and many other features.

5.  Live Coin Watch – found here.

The primary adaptation of the site began in September 2017, with LiveCoinWatch v2 propelling in November 2017.

LiveCoinWatch is situating itself as a superior looking, constant variant of Coin Market Cap with extra highlights like portfolio following. The site is worked to be easy to use all the while giving rich data on over 1200 cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, allows for an account to setup a portfolio, track particular cryptocurrencies, and make a watchlist.

6.  BitInfoCharts – found here.

With, you get breakthrough data of how top cryptos are performing in the market making it simple for you to settle on educated choices.

The site gives a correlation of the most utilized and moving digital currencies, including marketcap, current prices, mining info, tweets regarding each coin per day, and many other comparisons.

7.  CryptoCompare – found here.

Cryptocompare serves a review for various kinds of cryptocurrencies. Beyond that, Cryptocompare has informational sections on Exchanges, Wallets, Mining, and even where to spend cryptocurrency.

Cryptocompare allows for an account to setup a portfolio, track particular cryptocurrencies, and view total loss or profit.

8.  Yahoo Finance – found here.

Announced in November 2017, Internet financial news mammoth, Yahoo Finance, has turned their attention to cryptocurrency. Yahoo Finance included an excess of 100 pages of price quotes relating to various cryptocurrencies including many of the most popular coins.

Yahoo Finance gives an option to sign in and create a portfolio, and has the usual data as well as 52-week range indicator.

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9.  Cryptowatch – found here.

Cryptowatch is a very simplistic cryptocurrency trading and charting software owned by Kraken. Not only providing data from Kraken, it boasts volume and trading data from more than 20 other exchanges. Among the better known cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, GDAX, Bittrex, and Binance, there is data from lesser known exchanges as well.

Cryptowatch offers two sorts of accounts, including the Basic or the Upgraded versions. Basic accounts are free and you can create market charts modified to your liking. Opting for the upgraded accounts allow for the ability of integrated trading platforms and receive volume and price alerts 24/7.

10. found here.

Launched in 2007, has been a go to resource for many investors. In late 2017, launched their cryptocurrency section. This provides all the usual market data for over 1600 cryptocurrencies.

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11.– found here.

Demonstrating real-time prices on over 1000 cryptocurrencies All cryptocurrency prices are calculated live by using data from the largest exchanges to assemble an average price.

On you can discover up to the minute Cryptocurrency Prices, read the most recent Crypto News and setup your own particular Crypto Portfolio Tracker. has an App for iOS and Android to get latest news, prices, and follow your portfolio.

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12.  CryptoCoinCharts– found here.

Since 2012, CryptoCoinCharts is currently indexing over 4500 cryptocurrencies.  With a clean interface and a long history in the cryptocurrency market, CryptoCoinCharts provides users with up to date info as well as a list of all ICO’s.