Thursday, June 20, 2019

What the technology hype cycle tells us about the future of crypto

Coinbase VP of Engineering shares his perspective on where we are in the crypto lifecycle, drawing from his experience leading AWS Lambda

One of the interesting opportunities I’ve enjoyed in my career is getting a ringside seat to innovative technologies that have changed the world. Being at companies that have a huge impact on their industry, including Microsoft, Amazon, and now Coinbase, means I get to experience and work on disruptive technologies every day. One particular aspect of that is experiencing the Hype Cycle up close and personal multiple times. At Amazon I got to see the entire lifecycle of a service — from writing the initial business plan for AWS Lambda to launching it at re:Invent to ultimately building it into one of the largest enterprise-grade cloud businesses on the planet. As VP of Engineering at Coinbase, I’m struck by some of the parallels between Serverless computing and crypto as they go through