Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Coinbase Open Source Fund: Ruby Edition

Last month, we launched the Coinbase Source Fund. We were excited to the see the warm reception for supporting open source projects. We also received some thoughtful feedback and have increased our contribution to $25,000 per month.

This month’s theme is Ruby! Ruby has been a “first class” language at Coinbase since day one. As a team, we’ve written hundreds of tools and services in Ruby and create more every day. One of Ruby’s great strengths is its open source ecosystem, so we’re excited to make donations to some of our favorite projects.

Ruby Together

Where would we be without Bundler and RubyGems? Ruby Together is a “grassroots initiative committed to supporting the critical Ruby infrastructure you rely on.” These projects and others that they support are invaluable; they power the entire Ruby ecosystem. Today we’re donating $12,750 to Ruby Together, and will be contributing an additional $2,000 each month for the following 5 months.