Saturday, August 24, 2019

“Capture the Coin” at Defcon and you could win big

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Are you into cryptography, learning the nitty gritty details of various blockchain implementations, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency wallets? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you might have what it takes to Capture the Coin, a capture-the-flag-style competition by the Coinbase Security team.

Tackle various challenges at the intersection of cryptocurrency and security fields including blockchain investigations, crypto-stealing malware, smart contract and bitcoin script exploitation, various cryptography puzzles, and plenty of trivia.

We invite everyone to join us to have some fun, solve challenges, and win a very unique prize!

The Capture the Coin competition will open on August 9 at 10am PST. You can play online and at Defcon’s Blockchain Village. Also join us for the contest kick off talk on August 9 at 11:40am PST.

Awards will be given in two rounds:

First round is for Defcon 27 attendees who scored the most points by 10am PST on Sunday, August