Friday, April 19, 2019

On Insurance and Cryptocurrency

On insurance and cryptocurrencyA unique look under the hood of one of the world’s most comprehensive crypto insurance programs

Over the past three years, Coinbase has changed the way some of the world’s leading insurance companies think about risk in the cryptocurrency space. Along the way we built an industry-leading insurance program. Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Philip Martin, shares insights into the program below, along with thoughts on the future for this emerging risk area.

If I had built a list of the things I’d do when I came to Coinbase 3 years ago, it could have included a lot of things. Design innovative hot and cold storage systems? Yep. Build an amazing team? Absolutely. Open source our security tools? Of course. One thing that absolutely would never have been on there? Insurance for Cryptocurrency. But as it turns out, the past 3 years have been an amazing opportunity to help