Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Earn BAT while trying out the blockchain-friendly Brave browser

We’re launching a new Coinbase Earn page where you can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

Today we’re launching a new Coinbase Earn opportunity with lessons about BAT, the Basic Attention Token.

If you’ve received an invite to the Coinbase Earn BAT opportunity by email, you can go to the Earn BAT Page to start completing the educational lessons and earn up to $10 worth of BAT in the process.

Basic Attention Token seeks to improve the efficiency of digital advertising with a token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the BAT platform and the Brave browser.

Along with the series of educational videos where you can learn more about the Brave browser and BAT, customers will also have the option to earn BAT by using the Brave browser. We hope this will encourage people to

Announcing Bitcoin (BTC) Support on Coinbase Wallet

Starting today, you can now store your Bitcoin (BTC) directly in the Coinbase Wallet app.

Our goal with Coinbase Wallet is to create the world’s leading user-custodied crypto wallet. Coinbase Wallet already supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and over 100,000 different ERC20 tokens and ERC721 collectibles built on Ethereum. Adding support for Bitcoin is an important next step in that direction.

The new Wallet update with Bitcoin support will roll out to all users on iOS and Android over the next week. Bitcoin support is activated by default — all you need to do is tap ‘Receive’ on the main wallet tab and select Bitcoin to send BTC to your Coinbase Wallet.

Coinbase Wallet supports both newer SegWit addresses with lower transaction fees, as well as Legacy addresses for backwards compatibility in all applications.

And, as always, your private keys are encrypted on your phone using Secure Enclave technology, to bring you best-in-class security. This specialized hardware is considered

EU and European Free Trade Association customers can now withdraw to their PayPal accounts

Last year we announced support for PayPal in the U.S., and today we’re expanding that support for PayPal withdrawals to all E.U. customers and customers in European Free Trade Association countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland). We strive to make Coinbase the safest and easiest place to use cryptocurrency — offering convenient withdrawal options like PayPal is another big step towards that goal.

Before PayPal, SEPA and UK Faster Payments were the only options for European customers to withdraw funds. Part of our commitment to being the safest and easiest is to support the preferred transfer options for our customers around the world. As one of the world’s easiest and most widely-used payment platforms, adding PayPal as a withdrawal option for European customers offers another great option for withdrawing their funds.

To get started, sign in to Coinbase and link your PayPal account to your Coinbase account. Select your PayPal account as a payment option when

Changelly January Digest: Early Progress of 2019

Though January always seems to be harsh to fall back into the workflow, for Changelly this month was fruitful on useful cooperations and updates. Please welcome our regular monthly digest where we’ve collected all Changelly rocket achievements on its way to the moon.

Changelly Mobile App Update

After the launch of Changelly mobile application, we’ve received dozens of reviews. Fair enough, lots of our loyal users lacked options like “buy-crypto-with-credit-card.” Changelly product team took into account all your comments and this month we released a renovated application, which you can now download on Google Play. With the new Changelly mobile app version now you can:


Blockchain Gaming Empowerment: ENJIN Wallet with Changelly Onboard

What Is Blockchain Gaming

In most cases, blockchain is associated exclusively with cryptocurrencies, but this is not quite true, because the scope of the technology application is much wider. Many industries from telecommunication to healthcare have already appreciated the opportunities of decentralization.

As for the gaming universe, blockchain technology is able to create new forms of monetization, introduce more reliable player authentication and change the gameplay in various ways. A major bonus to using the blockchain in games is about creating unique items, confirming property rights, and even making profit in the virtual gaming space. Also, this applies to all kinds of

Introducing the Coinbase affiliate program

Get rewarded for sharing your love of crypto

Get rewarded for introducing people to crypto and empowering them to get started. With the new Coinbase affiliate program, you can easily monetize your website or blog and get paid for successful referrals to Coinbase.

Who it’s for

If you have a website or a blog, you are eligible to be an affiliate partner.

What you could earn

You’ll get 50% of each referral’s trading fees for their first three months on There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer or the amount you can earn.

How it works

Apply to become an affiliate by filling out a simple form. Once approved, you’ll get access to tracking tools and promotional assets.Promote Coinbase with links, articles, social posts, and ads.Earn commissions when your referrals buy and sell crypto on

Introducing the Coinbase affiliate program was originally published in The Coinbase Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and

Horoscope from Changelly: Which Crypto Suits You Best?

For some of us, the New Year has already arrived, while others are still in anticipation of the New Year holiday miracles. Changelly team is happy to congratulate our users on the upcoming Chinese New Year! On the eve of the holiday, we have prepared a crypto horoscope for you! So match your zodiac with our crypto-signs and choose your fortunate crypto of the new 2019!

The year 2019 in China will take place under the sign of the Golden Pig. In Chinese culture, these smart animals represent the symbol of wealth and fortune. So does the first zodiac in our crypto

Blockchain Gambling: a Win-Win Scenario from Edgeless Casino

People who are pros in gambling can tell you from experience that casino always wins. However, when it comes to decentralization, the rules change rapidly. Thanks to blockchain technologies, online gambling becomes a win-win game for both: casino and its players. To go a bit deeper into the terms and nuances of this exciting topic you are welcome to read Changelly’s fresh interview with Tomas Draksas — co-founder of Edgeless casino. It won’t hurt to mention that EDG, the project’s native token, is available for a seamless exchange on Changelly.

Hello, Tomas, and thanks a lot for interviewing with Changelly. A blockchain-based casino

Mass-adoption of Crypto: Bringing Innovations to Something Familiar

Mass Adoption of Crypto: Bringing Innovations to Something Familiar

It is no secret that 2018 has become a harsh year for the crypto market. Bright expectations faded away with the Bitcoin price going down from $19,909 to $7,099 in just one month at the very beginning of the year. But the blockchain industry didn’t lose the momentum and lots of developments meant to boost crypto adoption have been made. A huge role in pushing the crypto mass adoption forward played instant exchange services and crypto payment gateways.

Why Quantity has a Quality all its Own?

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) recently published

Bitfinex Down for Scheduled Upgrade to Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers

As of 10:00 UTC today, Bitfinex has been taken offline to complete the last stage of the planned upgrade from AWS cloud to a self-designed infrastructure optimised to high volume trading.

For a period of up to seven hours Bitfinex account holders will be unable to trade or access their wallets, or gain access to any features on the platform.

The scheduled downtime was announced in late December, with Bitfinex users receiving regular reminders to review their margin requirements and assess the risk of market movement on their open margin positions before entering the maintenance window.

This data migration to dedicated bare-metal servers is pioneering