Thursday, June 20, 2019

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check out Euro Fx/New Zealand Dollar FX:EURNZD cormfort

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LTCUSD approaching resistance, look out for a potential reversal

LTCUSD approaching resistance, look out for a potential reversal LTC/USD COINBASE:LTCUSD easyMarkets LTCUSD is approaching its resistance at 142.12 where it is could reverse...

nifty intraday view

nifty intraday view NIFTY 50 NSE:NIFTY ChintanPatel1980

if break above than buy if break at down side than sell purpose only......



Ayer el oro en una de sus "escapadas" nos pudo marcar techo. Así las cosas habrá que estar pendiente del corte de la línea 2-4 correspondiente a la onda V al objeto de ponernos cortos.

First Call

First Call Bitcoin / TetherUS BINANCE:BTCUSDT thadeed

Not Advice, simply an observation.

bull flag

bull flag YOYOW / Bitcoin BINANCE:YOYOBTC TraderDragonIR

If this resistance breaks then yoyo go to 630-660

BTC Running With The Bulls?

BTC Running With The Bulls? BTC/USD COINBASE:BTCUSD ProfitProgrammers

The past week has seen a steady increase in BTC price. While some are predicting an upcoming reversal, there is decent evidence of a continuation.

Looking at the chart, we can observe an ascending triangle pattern forming(represented by the dotted pink line). This pattern formation in the midst of a positive price trend can typically be viewed as an indication of trend continuation. Further in-depth technical analysis results in a similar conclusion.

The bottom chart (The Trend

btt play

btt play BTT / Dollar BITFINEX:BTTUSD jsea

not financial advise.
stay safe.

IOTA/BTC Update 20/6/2019

IOTA/BTC Update 20/6/2019 MIOTA / Bitcoin BINANCE:IOTABTC nhokkjdt

Buy more at 3300sts and uptrend coming soon

Ampleforth Sale on Tokinex in High Demand

The first token sale on our new IEO platform, Tokinex, is fast approaching. Following substantial interest leading to an oversubscribed block round, the public token sale for Ampleforth opens in just eight days time.

Ampleforth (AMPL) is an innovative digital asset protocol for ‘smart commodity-money’ with a long term vision to replace central bank money and a unique volatility profile. Interested parties can view an independent, third-party analysis of Ampleforth, with original research conducted by Smith & Crown available here.

Additionally, to find out more about the opportunity, we are giving you a chance to ask the Ampleforth team your questions in an AMA