Wednesday, February 20, 2019

will ROST experience another bungee jumping ?

will ROST experience another bungee jumping ? ROSS STORES INC NASDAQ:ROST trad3r74

This is a risky trade as earning is around the corner. However, MACD indicates that it is about to drop. Maybe the put spread is a good choice to limit the risk, but it will also limit the potential profit if another bungee jumping is coming. stop loss is 95 and 1st target is 90.

EURGBP Long -Forex Bullish Sign

EURGBP Long -Forex Bullish Sign Euro Fx/British Pound FX:EURGBP MarxBabu

After heavy fall now the price is settling here.
The Golden start shows the time to enter for long.
I will wait for PSAR green dot confirmation to enter.

I am pretty much bullish on the script EURGBP . I would defenitely enter when the background as well changing to green from the indicators used.



The price did not exceed the falling trendline .

bnb usdt

bnb usdt Binance Coin / TetherUS BINANCE:BNBUSDT mohanaad8760

bnb usdt

Decred / BTC Long

Decred / BTC Long Decred / Bitcoin BINANCE:DCRBTC dumb1ngus

DCR is a solid shillcoin with fundamentals from the likes of Rhett. Plenty of PR from Developers.

DCR has fallen despite BTC's pump. I believe if BTC stabilizes, DCR will soon catch up.

The rsi is oversold on the 4hr time frame w/ divergence between price action and RSI , as well as on a 10 count with TD Sequential indicators.

I'm looking for my target to be hit within 5 days.

USDJPY sell setup H1

USDJPY sell setup H1 U.S. Dollar/Japanese Yen FX:USDJPY slim7

Possible formation of bearish bat pattern at previous untested resistance and top of rising parallel channel . For a sell at 111.022 , TP at 110.475 and SL at 111.177 you get a RR ratio of 3.5


GBPJPY Sell GBP/JPY OANDA:GBPJPY mulweli_luvhengo

GBPJPY has reached a daily trendline retracement along with the 200 ema we might see a sell of on the pair

LTCH Short as the candle is inverted

LTCH Short as the candle is inverted Litecoin / Bitcoin Fri, 29 Mar 2019 12:00:00 GMT Linear Futures Contract BITMEX:LTCH19 MarxBabu

As you could see in the chart the price of the candle is weak and it could not move further up after big rally shown by the background color of the longbuylongsell indicator.

Now it is time to enter for short trade . As the candle is weak it will show downside soon.

fomc long box (risk defined)

fomc long box (risk defined) ISHARES TRUST IBOXX USD HIGH YIELD CORPORATE BOND ETF AMEX:HYG The_dumpster_diver

this is a ghetto nobs trade for a retail investor using bond etfs. its a way of taking advantage of current tightness in bond spreads but likelyhood for expansion of spreads post fomc. in this scenario we'll use hyg (corporate credit) as a proxy for short term notes and tlt as a proxy for long term bonds they have a very nice inverse correlation to one another. so if a


BTC/USDT 4H Bitcoin / TetherUS BINANCE:BTCUSDT AhmedElkazaz

BUY BTC 3600$ / 3700$