Saturday, December 15, 2018

Gift Card Tokens & Why you should stay Clear of them

With the growing number of ICO’s we are presented with a lot of “Gift Card” token/coin offerings.

What are Gift Card tokens you may ask? Well its basically an unnecessary token. With the ICO hype going through the roof we are seeing many projects come out of nowhere with their own token that really isn’t needed. These projects are simply using the crypto hype to capitalize on easier fundraising tactics and attempting to utilize a worthless token which will unlikely carry or sustain any sort of value due to the fact that it will act as “gift card” for that particular

No we have no issues with dividend tokens.

No we have no issues with dividend tokens. As a matter of fact, we invested a small amount into TaaS during their ICO and it turned out great.

However, the majority of them out there are classified as securities and pose a risk to investors if they don’t have proper documentation in place to issue the tokens.