Friday, December 14, 2018

Announcement on Changes to the Prizewinner List of NEO Creative Design Competition

The first NEO Creative Design Competition closed recently with desirable outcomes in terms of both the quantity and quality of submitted works. We are pleased to see the great potential of NEO designing ecosystem.

Since October 22 when the prizewinner list was announced, we have heard some negative voices questioning the originality of a third-prize webpage design work. After emergency discussion with the team, we contacted and communicated with the contributor. With consent from the contributor, we decide to disqualify the entry’s prize winning candidacy in accordance with relevant stipulations in the “Rules of NEO Creative Design Competition”.

Meanwhile we reexamined all

KPN voted in as NEO consensus node to speed up decentralization further

KPN voted in as NEO MainNet consensus node to speed up decentralization further

NEO consensus node page released recently was a major step towards decentralization. Now, KPN has been officially voted in as a NEO MainNet consensus node, indicating a further step towards decentralization. Previously, 6 of the 7 mainnet consensus nodes were hosted by NEO Foundation while 1 was hosted by CoZ.

NEO MainNet officially launched on Oct 17, 2016 and has been running in a stable capacity for two years. Since the mainnet release, decentralization has been written in the project roadmap as a major goal and pursued unwaveringly by NEO