Thursday, May 23, 2019

FullBlock Solutions: The former NEM Europe Team establishes blockchain consultancy firm

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The former NEM Europe Team establishes “FullBlock Solutions”

NEM Europe/NEM Labs was closed due to the refusal of our proposal by the core team to bring access and adoption to NEM technology. Our team continues to see huge potential in the technology itself, and we’ve pivoted the “NEM Labs” proposal into FullBlock Solutions: an agnostic tech company providing products and services to give businesses easy access to blockchain.

We have a “full package” of established skills and a huge amount of collective experience, both before and during our time working together. These are

NEM Foundation Update: May 2019

Foundation Update: May 2019 first appeared appeared in the NEM forums, Join the discussion!

Dear Community,
This is our May 2019 update to share the latest progress made as we move forward in the transition and restructuring process.

Translations of this update are as follows;

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Interim ExCo Appointees and Council Invitees

The Council has extended its leadership team by onboarding ‘council invitees’ and advisors who will represent key areas of growth. This is part

NEM is now supported in Magnum Wallet!


Magnum’s Wallet has announced the support of XEM coins

One of Magnum Wallet team’s priorities is establishing close partnerships with the listed coins. Thus, Magnum aims to support the most valuable features and products of each project. The added support of Callisto Cold Staking, Tezos Delegation and Komodo Rewards are prominent examples of this policy.

The support of $XEM coins is just the first step of our partnership. Magnum Wallet is also interested in integrating more of NEM’s features like harvesting, and functionality that is coming with the Catapult update such as atomic swaps, multi-level multisig accounts and

NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision

Translations:JapaneseMandarinSpanishRussianItalian Access to downloadable document of NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision: here Access to downloadable document of NEM Foundation Catapult Roadmap and Vision: here For media...