Sunday, August 25, 2019

Meet Dona Rinon | Treasurer

Dona has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from AMA University in Makati, Philippines. Her 20 years of experience has seen her work in many different areas including engineer consultancy, banking, customer service, and research. She has also worked as a design engineer, HSE representative, and management representative. She

NEM Foundation partnership with Tech Bureau Holdings

Dear community, we are happy to share that NEM Foundation has entered a business partnership with Tech Bureau Holdings, to expand the offerings of their blockchain products (mijin, Catapult v.2) overseas.
Please find the Press Release from Tech Bureau Holdings below in English and Japanese.

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NEM Foundation Q1 ROI Executive Summary

Executive Summary Q1 ROI Dear NEM Community, we are happy to provide you with an update on the Foundation’s Q1 ROI Executive Summary. A link...

Foundation Technology Department Update – July 2019

Hello dear community !
Welcome back to the NEM Foundation Technology Department Update, we are pleased to share with you, some of the ongoing discussions and updates in our technology department teams.

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Credits for the Image go to @nembear, who posted it on Twitter here.

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Let’s have a look at what has been worked on in the Technology Department of the NEM Foundation this past month of June.

A first iteration of the Catapult codename Elephant release has been published with PoS+ algorithm implementation.

Tutorial | How to Send and Receive Mosaics

Mosaics are a very important backbone of the NEM platform, they are a part of what makes the smart asset system unique and flexible....

Exceeding Customer Experience and Achieving Operational Efficiency — Use Cases for Blockchain in the...

Use Cases for Blockchain in the eCommerce Sector – by Andy Roy Sian Overview blockchain eCommerce is one of the key components in a country’s digital...