Wednesday, February 20, 2019

NEM Blockchain Ecosystem

NEM, its entities, what they do and how they interact.

Following recent media coverage of the NEM Blockchain. It was apparent there are misconceptions about how the ecosystem works, where it is funded from and which entities do what. In response to these questions, we have provided a basic guide here.

The image below is very high level but shows the constituent parts, of which NEM Ventures is one.

First appeared on NEM Ventures

The NEM technology and its development, is independent of any of the legal entities you may see speaking on behalf of the community. All the

NEM announces strategic cooperation with China’s largest artwork database GUBI

Internationally-renowned blockchain platform NEM recently collaborated with China’s largest online artwork trading market and artwork database, GUBI. The identity system, user and expert credit system, and online reviews of GUBI will now be developed on the NEM blockchain technology.

GUBI is China's largest online artwork market and artwork database.

Leading global blockchain companies launch “blockchain for Europe” association

Four Leading global blockchain companies (EMURGO/Cardano, Fetch.AI, NEM, and Ripple ) have partnered to found the “Blockchain for Europe” representing blockchain originating organizations in...

KidLet will utilize NEM Technology in delivering its mission to teach kids about blockchain...

With the world’s constant evolution and technology’s persistent improvement, people are gradually realizing the possibilities they can achieve in life, whether in establishing a business of transportation that encourages connection with people (carpooling) using blockchain, or in launching an art store that also caters to cryptocurrency. People can now

NEM Foundation announces collaboration with Global HealthTech & Financial Solutions platform AENCO to drive...

HONG KONG, November 29, 2018 — NEM Foundation is pleased to announce a new collaboration agreement with AENCO, the World’s First HealthTech & Financial Solutions Blockchain...

NEM at Singapore FinTech 2018

FinTech Festival returns this year with a greater number of exhibitors and companies, all coming for the opportunity to showcase their products and services....