Friday, April 19, 2019

NEM Ventures will support the Tutellus Blockchain Demo Day

First appeared on Medium

NEM Ventures has confirmed that Dave Hodgson, Co-Founder of the fund that invests in projects built on the NEM blockchain, will support the Blockchain Demo Day in Madrid and NEM Ventures will reward the winning projects. Tutellus has prepared this event to launch the projects built during the Masters in Blockchain, most of them on NEM.

We are excited to have with us NEM Ventures this special day; we always try to work closely with the NEM ecosystem, and having Dave with us on April 10th is another step to make the

NEM Foundation Update – February 2019 (Part II)

Catapult Mobile Wallet walkthrough by NEM Foundation

This forum post is an update on the UI/UX for a proposed Catapult Mobile wallet with a walkthrough by NEM Foundation’s interim CTO Jeff McDonald.

Based on the NEM Foundation’s new structure, Jeff is temporarily overseeing the technology development support for the Foundation

NEM Foundation Update – February 2019

Dear community,

The Executive Committee and Council Members for NEM Foundation would like to thank you for your contribution and participation in the NEM Forums concerning the Funding Proposal 2019 -

Feedback has been tremendous with multiple comments in the forum with many replies, questions and thoughts over various

NEM Catapult: A New Server Release (Cow)

For the blockchain technology, nodes are the individual parts of the larger data structure. As the owners of nodes willingly contribute their computing resources to store and validate transactions they have the chance to collect the transaction fees and earn a reward in the underlying cryptocurrency for doing so.

Why is NEM Blockchain the Future of Food Industry?

When Bitcoin made headlines all over the world, blockchain, as the platform utilized in recording bitcoin trades, also emerged to the scene, with many...