Saturday, August 24, 2019

Intelligent Wine Management App Featured with DLT and Blockchain Technology

The full article was originally published by BiiLabs on Medium. Read the full article here. According to Zion Market Research, the global wine revenue...

IOTA Launches Coordicide Grant Applications

We recently announced our $5 million grant program for Coordicide-related research, which you can read about here.

Today, we are proud to launch an update to our Coordicide website and the opening of our application for grants! The grants page of the Coordicide website provides detailed information for researchers about the types of research we are interested in funding. We are eager to increase our collaboration with external researchers who can contribute to optimizing the Coordicide solution.

Head on over to to check it out, and submit your application when you’re ready! As always, feel free to reach out to us by email.


Welcome Jonathan Shaffer to the IOTA Foundation

Jonathan Shaffer joins IOTA as a Senior Electrical Engineer, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, with expertise in programmable logic devices, digital signal processing, and hardware design. He brings with him an extensive background in avionics systems and a passion for all things engineering.

As a teenager, Jonathan discovered his interest in embedded software design after learning MIPS assembly language to hack video games. It wasn’t until much later, halfway through his co-op at Georgia Tech Research Institute, that he would change his focus (and major…) to hardware. He also improved his skills in firmware development for programmable logic designs and peripheral

The 5th Cohort of IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund Grantees

Over the last few months, we’ve worked very hard to improve the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund and to make sure we use the funds in the best way possible to benefit the whole Ecosystem.

Today, the IOTA Ecosystem team is very happy to announce that we have six great new grantees and a brand new EDF website to share with you!

The funded projects range among a full node software written in Go, a new semi-permanode solution, a swift library and awareness building & educational material.

With the help of the grantees, the growth of the IOTA community can be ensured and the current

Dev status update, August 2019

As we mentioned last time, the monthly update has become less Qubic-specific as we’ve recognized the need for more information about different projects, not only Qubic. With that in mind, we’ll be trying out this new format and including updates for all of the various project teams in a single post. Big updates such as new releases and the like will still get a separate post, but hopefully, this post serves as a good way to keep track of what’s going on at a high level.

And as always, feel free to stop by on Discord — every project mentioned here has a channel

Welcome Begoña Alvarez to the IOTA Foundation

Begoña Alvarez is a software developer with experience in high-end industrial applications and web services, and a passion for user experience. She holds a Telecommunications Engineering (Electrical+IT) Master’s degree from UPM, Spain. She is originally from Tenerife and is currently settled in Madrid. Begoña will be part of the Communications department, joining as a frontend developer. She will assist in building up the front face for different upcoming new applications and infrastructure.

After finishing her MSc Thesis during her exchange program at the VU, Amsterdam, Begoña started working with different automotive companies in south Germany. She spent her time designing, developing