Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Decentralized File Storage with Kademlia and IOTA

It has been said that the most valuable resource in the 21st century is no longer oil but data. With most of the data...

Untangled Episode #5: Connecting Hardware Sensors with the Tangle

In the fifth episode of Untangled we are exploring how to combine hardware sensors with the Tangle. We are talking to Daniel De Michele, founder of XDK2MAM, about their grant winning project and the future need for more code writers.

We are also talking to IOTA Ecosystem Director, Lewis Freiberg, on why the IOTA Foundation does not produce hardware, how the Foundation supports those who do and what it takes to get a grant from the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund.

Listen to the episode here:

Connecting Hardware Sensors with the Tangle | Untangled

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Qubic status update February 3rd 2019

Hey everyone, sorry for the small delay in getting this status update out. We will still call it the February 3rd status update because I did not have the heart to ask Sabri to redo this gorgeous image. Did you know that Sabri provides a fresh image for every status update? He is responsible for most of the house style and doing such an amazing job at it. Funny in a way that the person responsible for our visuals is one of our least visible team members.

Anyway, January was a month of steady progress. A number of components are coming together

IOTA Newsletter #7 — Global Trade & Supply Chain Tracking, Local Snapshots, Documentation Portal &…

IOTA Newsletter #7 — Global Trade & Supply Chain Tracking, Local Snapshots, Documentation Portal & moreApplying IOTA in Global Trade and Supply Chains: Mission Possible

Trade facilitation, track & trace, provenance… There are many opportunities to apply Distributed Ledger Technologies to international trade and build true innovation.
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Recent News

IRI 1.6.0 with Local Snapshots out now!
Faster synchronization, lower system resource requirements, and no more waiting for global snapshots to prune the database.
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Welcome to the new IOTA Documentation Portal
Check out the new Documentation Portal and watch the video on how to find all the information you need — both for experienced developers and beginners.
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Energinet and the IOTA Foundation

IOTA Community Assists Local Authorities with Arrest of Fraud Suspect for Creating a Fake...

IOTA Community Assists Local Authorities with Arrest of Fraud Suspect for Creating a Fake Seed Generator

Cryptocurrency Community Helps to Clean Up Crypto Theft Circle

On January 23, 2019, Europol released information on the arrest of a 36-year-old man they have on suspicion of fraud, perpetrated against the members of the IOTA community and others. This was a significant and extremely unfortunate event that, thanks to a collaborative effort from law enforcement and the IOTA community, is now being brought to justice.


From what we have learned and has been reported, we have pieced together the following sequence of events. On January 19, 2018, criminals

Trinity Update: Feb 1st

Last week we released Trinity Mobile 0.6.0 beta. This was a substantial step forward for the mobile version, including a number of considerable changes and improvements. The addition of node quorum vastly improves the wallet’s security when interfacing with the Tangle, by requiring a consensus between multiple nodes before a response is considered valid. The mobile UI has also undergone a complete UI overhaul with updated modals, fancy animations, and refinements throughout. Join the beta and try it out for yourself here.

In the last update we announced our plans to submit both Trinity Mobile and Desktop for a second audit. The