Friday, December 14, 2018

Dash Core Claims Long-Term Sustainability As Crypto Winter Claims Dev Teams

Dash Core Group has reiterated its financial ability to maintain operations for the foreseeable future despite the market downturn, which has claimed less resilient projects.

In a recent blog post, Dash Core Group’s CEO Ryan Taylor commented on the long and persistent bear market as it applies to Dash’s sustainability, outlining how Dash Core’s conservative expansion strategy last year, combined with the recent rebuilding of fiat buffers, has allowed the project to continue onward without issue:

“When Dash peaked in December of 2017, DCG did not expand the team in line with the market exuberance. Instead we restrained ourselves to

Thousands of Dash Enabled KRIP Phones Sold, Spurs Adoption In Venezuela

Dash Merchant – Venezuela has been helping to enable wide scale Dash adoption and usage in Venezuela and recently filmed a video demonstrating that SmartCity, a Dash-enabled KRIP phone seller, has sold over “6 or 7,000 phones”.

Dash’s partnership with KRIP has enabled their phones to come pre-loaded with a Dash wallet, Bitrefill, Uphold, some Dash on a paper wallet, and more. Dash Merchant – Venezuela has also partnered with KRIP to help consumers get their phones set up and ready to spend in minutes. This has allowed Dash to easily be adopted and spent in Venezuela.

However, only

This Week In Dash: December 3rd – December 8th

This week has been another fabulous week for Dash with some awesome news developments! Continue reading to get a summary of the week!

Dash Integrations of the Week:

KFC in Venezuela Integrates Dash: A KFC restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela will begin to accept Dash payments next week and will then rollout the integration into 24 other chain locations in the country. The integration was spear-headed by Alejandro Echeverría, of Dash Help, Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Text and highlights the success that Dash has had with merchant adoption in Venezuela since over 2,400 merchants currently accept Dash. Venezuelans are suffering from horrific hyperinflation and Dash