Friday, December 14, 2018

Node40 and Alt36 Partner to Maintain Dash Compliance

Node40, the cryptocurrency tax compliance agency, and Alt36, the point-of-sales system geared towards cannabis businesses, recently announced a partnership to help Dash-accepting businesses stay compliant with regulations.

Excited to partner w/ @AltThirtySix to help the legal US #cannabis industry reach mainstream business compliance. Our Balance #crypto accounting integration makes it simple to maintain accurate reporting while using @DashPay as an alternative to cash.

— NODE40 (@Node_40) December 11, 2018 The partnership will help address the fact that regulatory compliance is still vague in the United States since 33 state governments have legalized some form of cannabis, but it is

Chicken Restaurant Chain Church’s Accepts Dash in 10 Venezuelan Locations

Dash has been integrated into 10 Venezuelan locations of top-four chicken restaurant chain Church’s Chicken.

We are proud to announce our partnership with @churchs_chicken Venezuela so that from this chain’s diners to use #Dash as a national payment method and enjoy #elmejorcrunch | #DashNation #Criptomonedas #Blockchain #Venezuela #12Dic

— Dash Venezuela (@Dash_Venezuela) December 12, 2018

As announced today, Dash has been integrated as a payment option in 10 of the 13 local Church’s franchises. This was made possible through a joint effort from Dash Venezuela and the Dash Core team’s business development department. According to Church’s Chicken

Bitnovo To Integrate Dash Text, Expedites Consumer Purchases and Remittances

Bitnovo, which makes buying cryptocurrency easier and faster by leveraging in-store purchases via gift cards, has recently announced their intention to integrate Dash Text services.

Get Dash into people hands! We announce our alliance with @dash_text to carry the Dash Remittance Project to allow easy remittance of #Dash to Venezuela. Soon #dashtext will be integrated at Bitnovo. Stay tuned!

— Bitnovo (@bitnovo) December 10, 2018

Bitnovo’s competitive advantage is allowing consumers to buy their gift cards in one of 30,000 physical stores, enter the gift card pin via their app or website, and then receive the respective exchange amount of

Bitcoin Cash Explores Dash-Like Double-Spend Protection With Avalanche

A new pre-consensus innovation which may come soon to Bitcoin Cash seeks to provide instant and secure transactions, similar to Dash’s InstantSend.

In a recent Medium post, OpenBazaar lead backend developer and Bitcoin Cash advocate Chris Pacia detailed a new mechanism, named Avalanche, for increasing the security of zero-confirmation transactions:

“Avalanche is a new consensus protocol that was first introduced earlier this year. It provides a novel way for nodes on a network to choose between two conflicting transactions and come to a consensus about which one should be included in the next block.

Using avalanche in Bitcoin Cash for

SWIFT Causes Headaches for Remitters, Cryptocurrency Offers Reprieve

SWIFT transfers are notorious for taking long and costing a lot, but this was highlighted when it was recently revealed that a UK charity could not get £11,000 to 36 orphans in Zambia after weeks of waiting.

The sending bank, Barclays, blames a lack of communication from the receiving bank in Zambia, but the charity organizers were just happy to get their money back after being in limbo. The issue was exposed during an investigation by the Observer, whom also discovered many similar experiences by other bank users. Typically, users can expect SWIFT to make transfers in a few days,

NEM Exchange Integration Guide

This tutorial will quickly guide you through everything an exchange needs to add NEM.

First appeared on the NEM forums, by Paul Rieger

1. Account

To create an account go to 7 and download the desktop client. We recommend creating a simple wallet. The delegated keys can be found at Services/Delegated Harvesting/Manage delegated account. The account’s private key can be found at Account.

2. API Documentation

NEM is completely API based and therefore language agnostic. To get started, take a look at the API documentation 21.

Further, the NEM Knowledge Base consolidates lots of developer resources and

The Third Cohort of IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund Grantees

“Open Source Software (OSS) is by far the most exciting lever + trend for major structural change in technology over the past decade and...

Crypto News: EOS Surges and Ripple Exec Says He isn’t Phased by Bull Market

In today’s edition of crypto news, we’ll cover why EOS is surging and the details behind why a Ripple executive isn’t phased by the current crypto bear market.

EOS Surges as Other Coins Fall

EOS is currently leading the top 40 cryptocurrencies for total market gains this weekend. The world’s seventh-largest cryptocurrency project has received a wave of criticism as of late for its lack of decentralization. This weekend, EOS jumped up more than 16%.

At this time, it remains unclear why the coin surged so much.

Coinbase is exploring the addition ...

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IOTA To Remove Their Coordinator And Become Decentralized Which Could Enhance Tangle Benefits

In the world of cryptocurrency, IOTA is considered to be entirely different from its competition in various aspects. About IOTA First, IOTA is open...

Dash Core Claims Long-Term Sustainability As Crypto Winter Claims Dev Teams

Dash Core Group has reiterated its financial ability to maintain operations for the foreseeable future despite the market downturn, which has claimed less resilient projects.

In a recent blog post, Dash Core Group’s CEO Ryan Taylor commented on the long and persistent bear market as it applies to Dash’s sustainability, outlining how Dash Core’s conservative expansion strategy last year, combined with the recent rebuilding of fiat buffers, has allowed the project to continue onward without issue:

“When Dash peaked in December of 2017, DCG did not expand the team in line with the market exuberance. Instead we restrained ourselves to