In response to client demand, we’re excited to offer unverified users the opportunity to upgrade their accounts and obtain access to the many products and services available to verified account holders. Intermediate verification level status can be obtained without having to provide bank account details.

The introduction of an intermediate verification level, which came into effect on August 2, 2019, provides users who are currently unverified with the opportunity to enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • Access to UNUS SED LEO, which entitles holders to fee discounts on other tokens
  • Eligibility for new trading products on the platform
  • The capacity to deposit and withdraw stable coins such as Tether
  • Faster crypto deposits, with fewer required confirmations

As an exchange, we take pride in listening carefully to our clients’ needs in order to enhance the user experience while maintaining a safe and secure trading environment.

For full details on the benefits of verification, please visit:

With the multiple benefits of a verified account on offer, we invite all unverified users to begin the verification process today to enjoy an enhanced Bitfinex trading experience:

Visit the Bitfinex knowledge base for additional information:

Intermediate verification level users will not have access to bank wire deposits and withdrawals. Those who upgrade to fully verified status with the submission of bank account details will obtain access to wire transfer functionality.

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