We appreciate your patience while we work to deliver our latest voting platform substantiated through the release of the VICO Vote Token. We’d like to thank the community for your continued support and invaluable knowledge shared among our fellow crypto enthusiasts during this time. The last few weeks our team has been dedicated to quality control and as we strive to ensure our that our methodologies meet the needs of every ICO investor.

Below are instructions on adding the new token to your wallet. In the following weeks we will be testing our new platform to make sure everything is solid before we release it publicly.

Please be aware that the token distribution process has officially started. We are processing all transactions manually, due to the high volume of requests we expect this process to be completed within 45 days.

*The airdrop will officially close on February 2, 2018 at 12:00 UTC.

Smart Contract Address






As you may have noticed, your VICO voting tokens don’t automatically display in most wallets. To help you through this process we’ve created a quick guide to ensure that you’re able to see your VICO token balance in your wallet of choice.

The steps are a bit different depending on which wallet you use, but you’ll need the basic token information above for each:


  1. Open Wallet Info and log in.
  2. Find Token Balances (bottom right)
  3. Click Add Custom Token, fill in the token information
  4. Click Save
  5. You’ll see your token balance as “loading”
  6. Refresh your page and login again. Congrats! You’ll now see your new VICO balance!

Ethereum Wallet (Mist)

  1. Find your Contracts tab
  2. In the Custom Tokens section, click Watch Token
  3. Fill in the token information provided above

Note: Your VICO tokens should now be visible in your account but there are a few more steps to ensure you can use your tokens

4. Open MetaMask and go to your Tokens tab

5. Click Add Token

6. Fill in the token information listed above and click Add

7. Congrats! Your VICO tokens will now be visible in your Tokens tab


  1. Click the Contracts Tab
  2. Click “+ Watch”
  3. Select Token from the selection menu and press the “Next” button.
  4. Enter the token details above to have the token show in your wallet.

All other wallets

Most wallets will allow you to add custom tokens such as VICO by filling out the basic token information we’ve listed at the beginning of this post. Having trouble? Join us on our Telegram group — were happy to help!

P.S. If you’d like to help make the process of adding VICO coins easier for other users, some wallets allow you register VICO, which will then make it automatically visible for others using that wallet!

The VICO Vote Token source code is available on the Verified ICOs GitHub page.

To read more of this article please visit https://medium.com/@VerifiedICOs/adding-the-vico-vote-token-to-your-wallet-4591f8d3f803?source=rss-aa6b53709d6b------2.