Wednesday, February 20, 2019

SEC Set to Begin Fresh Consultation Period on CBOE-VanEck Bitcoin ETF

The new cooling-off period is the latest in a lengthy battle to get a Bitcoin ETF to market. United States regulator the Securities...

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Binance Weekly Report | Dec. 3–9, 2018

In this report, we talk about the latest about Binance DEX, as well as a new sub-account feature, CZ’s tattoo, and more.

The Binance Weekly Report is a roundup of the latest updates within the Binance ecosystem. We also provide a recap on some of the biggest news in the blockchain world, in the Around the Blockchain Universe segment. See last week’s Binance Weekly Report here.

1. New preview for Binance DEX

This past week, a new preview of the upcoming Binance DEX went live. Binance DEX is made by the blockchain community, for the blockchain community, with support from Binance developers, as part of advancing

Bitfinex and Ethfinex list every major stablecoin in commitment to providing coin agnostic…

Bitfinex and Ethfinex list every major stablecoin in commitment to providing coin agnostic platforms

From today customers of Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be able to trade all six major stablecoins on both exchanges.

Created in 2014, Tether was for many years the only stablecoin available to traders, offering the ability to move funds quickly between different exchanges with the benefit of stability of the US Dollar. Following the Tether boom in 2017, the stablecoin market has rapidly expanded with five alternatives of note launching from March 2018.

At Bitfinex and Ethfinex we are dedicated to providing a high quality, unbiased meeting place for every ecosystem

Bitfinex Down for Scheduled Upgrade to Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers

As of 10:00 UTC today, Bitfinex has been taken offline to complete the last stage of the planned upgrade from AWS cloud to a self-designed infrastructure optimised to high volume trading.

For a period of up to seven hours Bitfinex account holders will be unable to trade or access their wallets, or gain access to any features on the platform.

The scheduled downtime was announced in late December, with Bitfinex users receiving regular reminders to review their margin requirements and assess the risk of market movement on their open margin positions before entering the maintenance window.

This data migration to dedicated bare-metal servers is pioneering

MetaHash (MHC) Gets Listed on KuCoin! World Premiere!

Dear KuCoin Users,   KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. MetaHash (MHC) is now available on KuCoin.…Continue ReadingMetaHash (MHC) Gets Listed on KuCoin! World Premiere!

ShapeShift (2% of Bitcoin Network) is Now Batching Transactions

ShapeShift AG, one of the first major companies to adopt Bitcoin's Segwit upgrade last fall, is now batching Bitcoin (BTC) transactions to further reduce costs to customers and improve the health of the Bitcoin network. The digital asset exchange platform, which process roughly 10,000 Bitcoin orders per day, is now batching


"HOW TO USE BINANCE 2018 (BEGINNERS TUTORIAL)" posted by Alistair James can be found at

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BitValve crowdsale announced

BitValve crowdsale announced

BitValve team is proud to announce their crowdsale. See BitValve overview.

About BitValve

Advanced P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange


BitValve aims to disrupt the current P2P Exchange Oligopoly by introducing a unique and full featured platform to traders around the globe. Their idea is that every person in the world would be able to access, buy and sell, their favorite cryptocurrency by using any payment method available, whether it is fiat or cryptocurrency, and trading directly with other users. The Platform will ensure the security of the transaction by

European Cryptocurrency Exchange crowdsale opens 1. Apr 2019

European Cryptocurrency Exchange crowdsale date has been announced

European Cryptocurrency Exchange crowdsale opens on 1. Apr 2019.

About European Cryptocurrency Exchange

Filling the gap in secure and regulated exchanges aimed at the professional trader and boutique firms


EUCX is a new cryptocurrency exchange with a global focus, based in the Netherlands, filling the European gap in secure and regulated exchanges aimed at the professional retail trader and boutique firms. The EUCX platform is focused on the demanding and professional trader. Including the upper segment of retail trader and boutique firms. Features of

Ripple offered millions of dollars in XRP to attract the best Technology Talent

According to the Ripple LinkedIn profile, the company is looking to hire a small army of engineers, technical developers and experts. This will include a new head of engineering for xCurrent, the biggest competitor for the center of the global payments infrastructure – SWIFT. The company will depend on its large holdings of XRP and offer them as bonuses and salaries to every talented person they hire.

Some engineers revealed the recruiting emails that Ripple sent in the end of 2018. The Engineers were offered a generous salary and bonuses ranging between $2-$3

How to Invest Like Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin

If you’ve ever wanted to model your crypto portfolio after that of Ethereum wunderkind Vitalik Buterin, your chance has finally arrived. Buterin responded to an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit by disclosing his current crypto holdings and other financial interests. Based on Buterin’s statement, we can estimate that he owns less than $5 million in cryptocurrencies besides Ethereum and ETH-based tokens. We arrivate at this round figure by looking at his publicly available wallet and his statements. In Ethereum tokens, he also owns less than 10%, the majorilety of which are denominated in Kyber Network (KNC), Maker (MKR), OmiseGO

Bitmain Has Announced New 7nm BM1397 ASIC chip for SHA256 Mining

Bitmain has just announced its next generation 7nm ASIC chip called BM1397 that is apparently capable of great performance and energy efficiency for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), that use the SHA256 algorithm for their Proof of Work (PoW). The new BM1397 ASIC chip requires lower power and can offer an energy consumption to computing ratio as low as 30J/TH or with other words almost 30 percent improvement in power efficiency compared to their previous 7nm chip BM1391 that is already found in the company’s latest SHA256 ASIC miners.

The new BM1397 ASIC chip

Top Ethereum Developer Afri Schoedon Just Rage-Quit

Afri Schoedon, a long-time Ethereum contributor, abruptly quit working on the second-largest cryptocurrency. A few days ago, Schoedon tweeted a meme that said “Polkadot delivers what Serenity ought to be. Change my mind.” The meme raised ire on Reddit, and the situation devolved from there until the developer quit early this morning. I did not quit social media, I quit Ethereum. I did not go dark, I just left the community. I am no longer coordinating hard-forks, building testnets, or contributing otherwise. I did not work on Polkadot, I never did, I worked on Ethereum. I did not hate Ethereum,

Walmart Stock Surges on Blowout Earnings, Dow Ain’t Biting

The Dow and U.S. stock market were stuck in neutral on Tuesday despite a blowout earnings report from Walmart, a sign that traders were treading more cautiously ahead of a slew of macroeconomic indicators later in the week. Dow Struggles for Direction Wall Street’s benchmarks traded tepidly through the morning session, mirroring a relatively uneventful pre-market for Dow futures. The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened 34 points lower. It was last seen trading at 25,923.31, having gained 40 points, or 0.15%. The broad S&P 500 Index nudged up 0.1% to 2,778.03, having erased an earlier drop. Six of 11 primary

azultec crowdsale announced

azultec crowdsale announced

azultec team is proud to announce their crowdsale. See azultec overview.

About azultec

The easiest way to earn crypto currencies!


They want to offer you the easiest way to earn crypto currencies. In order to do that, theycreated the azultec Cube, a state-of-the-art mining computer. With the Cube, you can earn crypto currencies through mining, by being part of our decentralized cloud storage solution and by joining our cloud computing network. The best part: the Cube uses renewable energy and recuperates the generated heat – making the