Monday, July 22, 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) Slumps 27% This Month: Here are Two Key Reasons

One of the biggest stories of the year has been the roaring comeback made by Bitcoin after it went through a disappointing year in 2018. Throughout the first half of the year, the cryptocurrency made hefty gains. However, the month of July has been a bit of a bumpy ride for Bitcoin as a range of factors has affected the price.

The past week has been particularly painful for the cryptocurrency. Over the course of the past seven days, the cryptocurrency has slumped by as much as 27%, and now, it has gone below the level ...

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Mobile App Change Log 3.12.0

Recent changes & optimizations to the Bitfinex mobile app

We are pleased to present Version 3.12.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

Today’s release includes a TradingView chart integration (displayed below), integrated to provide traders with an increasingly comprehensive suite of trading tool for mobile trading.

If you’re yet to try, test out the app here:

IOSAndroidFeaturesNew and improved charts from TradingView have been introduced.

This version includes the charting library that is used on the Bitfinex web UI, bringing with it a familiar experience to users.

This includes increasingly smooth candle rendering, volume bars across both iOS and Android, as well as dynamic, scrollable charts.

ImprovementsUpdated token icons.Added missing translations across application.Added missing symbols

Customer spotlight: Bitwise

As Coinbase Custody continues toward its goal of being the world’s leading crypto-custodian, we want to highlight the innovative institutions that have chosen to join us on our journey. In this new series, we will dive into some of the companies that are helping to build the institutional cryptoeconomy, and get to know what makes them different and, importantly, how they’re thinking about the future of crypto.

Bitwise: A pioneer in the crypto asset management space.

Bitwise has been a leader in the world of cryptocurrency asset management ever since creating the world’s first cryptocurrency index fund, the Bitwise 10 Private Index Fund, in 2017. It serves a diverse set of investors, from family offices and financial advisors to pensions, endowments, foundations, and high net worth individuals.

One thing Bitwise clients have in common is that they are often new entrants into the cryptocurrency markets. “Most of our clients are making their very first

Hello, Benjamin!

Hello, Benjamin! Sorry to hear about your experience with our services. We’ve forwarded your case to our tech team for further investigation. Once all details are clarified, we’ll contact you.

Hello, Paslar!

Hello, Paslar! We are sorry for your unfortunate experience! Please take into account that the sum you see on the main page is always estimated one as Changelly doesn’t fix exchange rates. That is why the final amount might be slightly higher or lower at the end of the transaction. However, we consider 30% as a high discrepancy, hence our tech team is thoroughly investigating the matter so we could understand what happened and help you out!

We’ll get back to you shortly!

Bitfinex to Complete Platform Upgrade on June 26

Comprehensive platform update to take Bitfinex and Ethfinex offline for up to seven hours.

On Wednesday June 26, both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be offline for up to seven hours as we commence a platform upgrade designed to enhance the stability and scalability of the iFinex matching engine.

The platform upgrade will require taking all iFinex trading platforms offline for the duration of the maintenance period. This means that traders across both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be unable to trade, view or access their wallets during the update.

We kindly ask all our traders to plan ahead accordingly and make the necessary account adjustments prior to the

Digital Bitbox – A Bitcoin and Ethereum Hardware Wallet

"Digital Bitbox - A Bitcoin and Ethereum Hardware Wallet" posted by BTC Sessions can be found at

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Ripple Performs Better than Broader Crypto Markets on Technical Support

One of the most interesting cryptocurrencies to have emerged over the past few years has been Ripple (XRP), and it has managed to hold onto its position as the third biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. However, it has not had the best year so far, despite threatening to break out more than once. In a new development that will be welcomed by those who hold XRP, the cryptocurrency has managed to outperform the market amidst all the chaos.

XRP Finds Support

While most of the market has been in a downward spiral due to the issues ...

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Get latest cryptocurrency news on bitcoin, ethereum, initial coin offerings, ICOs, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies. Learn How to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Korea’s Biggest Credit Card Firm Wins Patent for Blockchain Credit System

Shinhan Card, South Korea’s top credit card company, has been granted a patent for a blockchain payment system. As reported by The Korea Times on Monday,...

Bitcoin Mining Helps Oil Companies Reduce Carbon Footprint

Natural gas acquired as a byproduct of oil extraction has become synonymous with wasted energy. In certain areas, drilling companies are unable to find a...

#BTC An explain for the movement multiple TF !!

#BTC An explain for the movement multiple TF !! Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD HamadaMark

Good evening to all traders, bulls & bears
Please read the details we mentioned below the chart carefully. Thank you for your support.

In current movement
$10750 is resistance for H&S pattern

Has Bullish H&s with bearish DV not bullish also with Ascending wedge has broken already,

Daily TF
Have a chance for Double top also there big bullish divergence there!!

EURAUD-Downward Wedge


I'm watching for entry on this. Have about 80 pips to the upside to work with.

AUDUSD | Potential Bullish Upside

AUDUSD | Potential Bullish Upside Australian Dollar/U.S. Dollar FX:AUDUSD PharoFX

potential pullback before a highly probable bullish run.

IOTA Newsletter #12 — Trinity Wallet Release, Tracking Food Allergens, Azimuth & more

The full article was originally published by Mark Schmidt on Medium. Read the full article here. IOTA Foundation releases the Trinity Wallet The IOTA Foundation is...




Welcome Carlos Azjuque to lidbot

The full article was originally published by Lidbot on Medium. Read the full Article here. Lidbot would like to introduce another one of our team...